Drink for good sensations FERMENTA FOOD procedures

(Milk acid fermentation process)

„Your food should be your remedies“ Hippokrates

One should be able to digest a biology food also so as it delivers the nature to us. One can also reach this for the most part if one submits them him to full as well as right combination of a natural fermentation. Then nothing more can be in way of a wholesome stomach, intestinal function!

For the processing of SOJALL-TRINKO with the bio-fruit juices elder juice, wine grape juice, Aroniasaft, and Topinambursaft which contain coal hydrates also from nature of fructose or still, in addition, by the additions of sugar the procedure FERMENTA-FOOD was applied if only for that, there by this Milchsäurevergärung of the fructose in glucose do not separate in biology milk acid can be converted. Thus originates a drink sour with milk which can contribute to the varied positive effects on our wellbeing.

Fructose as well as sugar can overload the pancreas with a banked pleasure and bring therefore the insulin mirror from the balance. A raised insulin mirror can be not only the cause of diabetes, but also cause overweight (Adipositas), because herewith the fat metabolism can be blocked in the cells.

Examples: Orange juices contain 23-46 pieces of sugar cubesonders (750-1500g Abpackung), apple juices contain 23-37 pieces of sugar cubesonders (1000 g Abpackung).

Just this fact makes a high consumption in sugar and fructose so dangerous. Insulin signals saturation to the body. This feeling is absent with the admission of fructose not only, researchers found recently a mechanism which still strengthens the hunger feeling. A sweetened fruit yoghurt or fruit juice can be therefore at most an appetite initiator In the body goes Fruktose other metabolism ways than glucose. While insulin adjusts the admission of glucose in the cells, fructose floods this unhindered. The body verstoffwechselt, therefore, everything what he gets. Besides, we dispose of no Fruktosespeicher and are made diminish the sugar immediately. With a high consumption the liver converts this directly into fat. For a longer period the origin is preprogrammed by overweight therefore. Particularly the liver is inspired by the increasing Verfettung a little and takes revenge, e.g., with inflammations. Fat liver deals not only with fat! (Spring: Professional society for food therapy and prevention (FET) inc.)

Ingredients of SOJALL-TRINKO and her meaning

Biology pomegranate
The pomegranate is rich in vitamins (before all vitamin C), has a high roughage and potassium salary. Above all the antioxidative effect is the reason for the comprehensive health effect of the pomegranate. He should offer even bigger protection than red wine, green tea or Blaubeersaft. In the following areas he should be especially useful for the health:

Flavanoids in the pomegranate are water-dissolvable plant dyes which were discovered in the 30s of the last century by the Nobel Prize Laureate Albert von Szent-Györgyi Nagyrapolt and were called first vitamin P. Anthocyane are a sub-group of the flavanoids and provide for the red, violet, blue or blue-black colouring of fruits and plants.

Biology elder juice strongly, sudorific
Only during the last years scientists have investigated increasingly the elder and his ingredients. Result: The elder is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements and disposes of an astonishingly high content of amino acids. The many years' research showed, that elder bactericidal as well as anti-viral works. In addition, the elder influences circulation, vessels and cholesterol values positively and improves the night view. Elder disposes of a heausragende quality: he can catch free radicals which are valid after today's scientific knowledge as a cause of about 50 illnesses. In addition belong arteriosclerosis (stroke and cardiac infarction), cancer, Morbus to Alzheimer or Morbus and Parkinson. No miracle that the elder was explained in Austria already in 1998 to the remedial plant of the year. Furthermore elder contains organic acids, bitter substances, ethereal oil, sugar, resin and has a high content of mineral substances and trace elements.

Biology red wine grape juice
Internally have addressed to Huminsäuren particularly in the Prophylaxe (prevention), therapy and aftercare of stomach discomfort and intestinal discomfort as useful proved, just as with Übersäuerung, failure, gastritis, Ruhr, stomach enteritis and large intestine inflammation. They can also work as decontamination materials and against bacterial infections and virus infections. Moreover, they have been recognised in the treatment by anaemia (lack of red blood cells, Hämoglobin or in whole blood amount), as a Stimulator of the immune system and with the decontamination of the liver as a valuable support.
Material in bunches of grapes (Resveratrol) can look good also against diabetes.

In the lab test researchers could show that Resveratrol is a very good Hemmer of chloride canals which play a key role – and with the origin of diabetes: „Resveratrol blocks these canals and, therefore, would be also likely, perhaps to be used as a therapeutic principle with certain forms of the diabetes.“ Resveratrol seems except in the bowls of red bunches of grapes, for example, in raspberries or in peanuts. The material is lately investigated keenly as possible means against illnesses like cancer or as an Anti Aging substance. Now it is also a hope bearer for the constantly rising number of diabetics.

From Topinambur contains beside his Fruktosegehalt of 43% and glucose salary of 12% still several vital macroelements and microelements which antitherogen, antidiabetogen and are anti-carcinogenic. From all sugar kinds Fruktose has the strongest sweet strength and can be taken up most lightly. The sweet strength is higher about 1.5 spot than they the sugar (saccharose), 2-3mal higher than those of the glucose which we are able to raise with the baking and cooking with saccharin even further.

As macroelements of vital importance in the Topinambur the richly available potassium and magnesium, as microelements iron, chrome, zinc, selenium and cobalt are to be mentioned. With the potassium lack a disturbance of the coal hydrate metabolism with a raised blood glucose concentration and the interference of the glucose care of the organism is given. Magnesium has a good effect with the heart, circulatory-logical as well as neuro-logical illnesses, with the muscle weakness and can also improve the coal hydrate metabolism and the insulin effect. According to the clinical investigations the glucose metabolism is influenced by chrome with the improvement of the tolerance particularly at the higher age. Zinc has a heart-improving and circulation-improving, stoffwechselprotektive effect, however, can improve also the immune reactivity. Magnesium as well as as trace elements copper and selenium have in the food an anti-carcinogenic effect and can provide by the prevention of cancer illnesses assistance.

To recommend particularly with high load situations pre or after operations or during and after antibiotic use. His mineral substance complex activates a row of enzymes and is responsible for the normal excitability of muscles and nerves. Thanks to the high potassium and low cooking salt (sodium salary) Topinambur supports the drainage or purification of the body and helps to eliminate excessive cooking salt.

Aronia juice
The Aronia which come from eastern North America are relatively unknown with us. Aroniabeeren contain vitamin A, C, K and E, as well as vitamin Niacin, riboflavin (B2). Furthermore mineral substances and trace elements like potassium, calcium, iodine, phosphorus and iron. Because of her very high salary in flavanoids (polyphenols) an excellent supplement can be the Aroniabeere for a healthy food of the person. These biologically active connections counteract as "a radical catcher" against the oxidativen stress. In the Russian folk medicine is valid the Aroinabeere, hence, also as a very actual universal remedy.

The special one, however, are the polyphenols, here the Anthocyane. These have positive effects on our blood river qualities, strengthen the Immune functions and fight against inflammations. Bioflavanoids can protect against Verklumpung of the blood river.

The "secondary plant materials" and here particularly the polyphenols are interesting. They are very antioxidative and are responsible for the immense health-supporting strength of the Aroniabeere.

Becomes of the Aroniasaft still, in addition, fermentiert, the valuable substances from the high-quality Aroniasaft are effective even better and can be absorbed even faster.

Among the rest, Aroniasaft looks very anti-inflammatory, blood-diluting, blood lipids-adjusting and blood pressure-adjusting. Also positive effects on the blood sugar level are known and the immune system is stabilised. Particularly the preventive effect is to be emphasised with cancer up to the fight of the cancer. There are successful use experiences with the Aroniabeere, e.g., with stomach inflammations and enteritises, liver illnesses and bilious illnesses, childhood illnesses, skin illnesses and allergies, hypertension and sign gland illnesses.

Well functioning defensive system and immune system by vitamin C and OPC from Aroniabeere. They can improve, in addition, still effectively the activities of the defensive cells. Chronic inflammations, are able to do often the cause of illnesses in the stomachintestinal area, joints, vessels, heart circulation, Alzheimer, Blutzuck, diabetes etc.

Milk acid by Fermentierung
To food contain egg white, fat, coal hydrates, vitamins, enzymes, mineral substances as well as trace elements etc. One should be able to digest a food also so as it delivers the nature to us. One can also reach this for the most part if one submits them him to full as well as right combination of a natural fermentation. Of course no chemical "fight" as well as no artificial fertilizer may be used to protect them against stress charges and pollutants.

The full value grain, soy, brown millet, flower pollen, buckwheat, Aroniasaft, elder juice, pomegranate juice, can be predigested etc. by a natural fermentation process with milk acid bacteria, to make it for the consumption even more agreeable and for the body more valuable.

Thus, e.g., the water solubility is clearly improved by amino acids (egg white). The fact that the milk acid fermentation is to be looked as a maturation and refining process, scientific investigations have confirmed long ago. Already in 1907 Dr. Ilya Metschnikoff was lent for his scientific works (Prolongation of Life, Optimistic Studies) in which he deals among other things with the usefulness of the milk acid bacteria also the Nobel prize.

With the fermentation of herbal full value food there originates the milk acid which can play an important role with the pH factor regulation. She stimulates the digestive glands, so that above all the fragmentation can be improved by Eiweißen in the grain, however, also from fat and coal hydrates. Not by chance there comes the remark: „The sour with milk works like a broom in the bowel“. Besides, the milk acid can promote the admission of the mineral substances and trace elements (iron, magnesium, calcium, silicon, etc.) by the body. After MD Johannes Kuhl and colleagues, the milk acid which is won from the herbal full value food by fermentation is able to do the Ausleiten of the blocking, morbidly stored body milk acid from the cells or body ausleiten. That is that one after the isopatischem principle with tiny amounts (milk acid) or„ Same is cured by same“ (herbal milk acid by cell-damaging milk acid stored in the body) can support. The legal-rotary milk acid can also contribute to the improvement of the Lactatwerte!

Though there is at the beginning of the milk acid fermenting process a brief material dismantling, however, new substances form under the influence of the milk acid bacteria soon like Acetylcholin, which the enzyme system of the liver that the blood detoxifies and can eliminate Medikamende, alcohol and toxic environmental chemicals as for example pesticides, food additions and treacly metals. It also takes part in the egg white metabolism and fat metabolism. A sign for Alzheimer's disease is a low Acetylcholin mirror in the brain. Also different enzymes, vitamin C as well as in small quantities of vitamin B 12 can originate from fermentation.

The construction glue egg white in the grain or grain products (bread, muesli) can be predigested by the Fermentierung or with the help of milk acid bacteria enzymatisch or fermentativ. The strength molecules in the grain are surrounded by a cellulose membrane, and are broken open by the enzyme (Ptyalin) in the oral saliva by sufficient masticating. Unfortunately, grain products often do not become enough in the mouth eingespeichelt. Hence, the Ptyalin-education is only limited and the strength can be often digested only hard. The acid-pedagogic paste from the basic wholemeal grain product which can be to one of the causes of untimely among other things headaches, back pains, colds, acne, arthrosis, furnace mouth, rheumatism, diabetes, pneumonia, Verknöcherung, asthma, to peptic ulcers and intestinal ulcers, Vergreisung, weight increase, and even to the cancer illnesses of the people can be minimised by the Fermentierung. Furthermore the food which is produced after the Fermentierung procedures to themselves can affect positively the fat material egg white metabolism and fat metabolism.

Grain can thereby reach also a low glykämischen index and not load therefore the insulin mirror too much what can be also helpful concerning diabetes II. The hygiene (Also bio-grain can be loaded with mushrooms etc.) as well as the durability without chemical preservation or Begasung, can be improved by the fermentation substantially!

By a fermentation the digestion with a minimum energy loss can also proceed furthermore and contribute etc. therefore to the minimisation of stinking gas evolution, heartburn, burp, rotten respiration. Furthermore indigestion can contribute especially with a strong grain consumption to the fact that among other things headaches, back pains, colds, acne, arthrosis, furnace mouth, rheumatism, diabetes, pneumonia, intestinal blockage and etc. can appear.

Already in 1907 Dr. Ilya Metschnikoff was lent for his scientific works in this area of the Milchsäurevergärung the Nobel prize.

„Your food should be your medicine“ (Hippokrates)

From the Fermentierung with milk acid bacteria originates legal-rotary milk acid which can stimulate the metabolism and promote the general well-being. E.g., the water solubility can be improved by amino acids (egg white) and the admission of iron clearly.

Also biological grain can be very mushroom-loaded from nature. Available pollutants can be often eliminated by the natural Fermentierung by which also a higher hygienic security can be reached. Furthermore can be able to be well acceptable by the also other materials which contain different plants and are not eliminated for the organism or body, by the mikrobielle predigestion beyond the body.

Another advantage is that the durability of the raw materials in widely natural manner can be raised without chemical additions (Begasung, preservation, Denaturierung etc.). During the fermentation process can be won by a mikrobiellen explanation of the basic active substances a huge number of food-physiologically especially high-quality elements (enzymes, vitamins). Slightly open, assimilateable enzymes, vitamin, amino acids and mineral substances as well as trace elements which can be lighter assimilated of microorganisms belonging to body originate for the organism from it in addition. One also knows that only small molecules have the possibility to reach lighter by the Darmzotten through in the bloodstream or in the cells. A large part already is able already about the oral mucosa absorbed what can be an advantage especially for stomach patients and intestinal patients.

After the procedure FERMENTA-FOOD the following food is processed currently: SOJALL Brown millet, SOJALL-Hirso, SOJALL-Darmil, SOJALL-Figan, SOJALL Vita power, SOJALLTRINKO, SOJALL Muesli, SOJALL sport nature and SOJALL Royal ones.