SOJALL  Trinko®

Fruity organic fermented Juice

SOJALL TrinkoProduct Information:
Sojall Trinko is a premium organic food with Sunchole, Aronia, Pomegranate, Elderberry, Red Grapes and Lactic Acid.
The fructose contained herein may be largely converted to lactic acid during the Sojall Fermenta Food (Lactic acid fermentation) process. By this enzyme-friendly treatment the quality of the ingredients is protected and at the same time the durability is stabilized.  
Sojall Trinko is equally suitable for children, adolescences and elderly or athletes - for daily consumption in nearly all situations of live.

Product Note:
Trinko is a purely biological, living product. There may be differences in taste and coloring in each batch. Possibly occurring overpressure is product specific.

Sojall Trinko is an enzyme concentrate, which is to be drunk diluted with water, fruit or vegetable juices.
With Sojall Topil Sojall Trinko be further refined.

Tip: Sojall Muesli can be started the evening before with Sojall Trinko and Sojall Makal.

After a few hours you will be able to determine the difference.

lactic acid, Sunchole*, Aronia*, Pomegranate*, Beetroot ,Elderberry*, Red Whine Grapes* 

* From controlled organic agriculture. May contain traces of gluten.

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More Informations about TRINKO:

Lactic acid-diabetes

POSSIBLE applications of lactic acid to support a healthy overall metabolism

  • Immune system disorders:

    Susceptibility to infections Cancer

    Metabolic syndrome: obesity (obesity), diabetes, blood sugar, high blood pressure, altered blood lipids and insulin resistance

  • Allergic diseases of atopic

  • Formenkreis: asthma, allergies eczema, bronchitis, sun allergy, hay fever

  • Metabolic diseases: pancreatic disorders cholesterol, diabetes, gout, gallbladder, metabolism, weight

  • joint diseases: rheumatism, arthritis, acid-base

  • Gastrointestinal disorders:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease (colitis, Crohn), Candida, gastritis, drugintolerance, hemorrhoids, constipation

  • skin disorders: hair loss, nails, mycoses, herpes, hives, warts, eczema,psoriasis, eczema),

    Wound healing, acne, topical application

  • cardiovascular disorders: hypertension,

    Varicose veins, spider veins, weather sensitivity,

    Heart, circulatory disorders

  • urinary disorders: kidney disease,

    Bladder, prostate disorder, prostate disorders

    Nervous system: general well-being, pain,

    Sleep disorders, addictions, stress, depression,

    Headaches and migraines, nervous disorders, concentration, performance, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, gynecological disorders, menopause, etc. Lactic acid is, inter alia, also included in SOJALL TRINKO.


Lactic acid-diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is defined by an elevated blood glucose levels. In therapy, the regular self-monitoring of blood and urinary sugar, a balanced diet and regular exercise play an important role.

The positive effects of lactic acid in diabetes are supported by a study of two Dutch doctors D. H. and F. St.. 12 weeks long, two groups of diabetics, Type I and Type II, studied, all were given the same diabetes-based diet, but no lactic acid product drank.

Then they drank also for 12 weeks on a regular basis a lactic acid beverage additionally. After the time they found a significant improvement in blood glucose and HbA1c levels (glycosylated hemoglobin). The HbA1c values of average initial value of 10.3 was down at the end of the study to 8.5.

The blood glucose profile every six weeks started showed a significant improvement, the positive changes in the type II diabetics were more pronounced than in Type I diabetics.

Especially when Type II diabetes often there is a chronic shortage of particular zinc and chromium, both trace elements that are important for the regulation of insulin secretion. On the one hand are recorded, on the other hand excreted due to the metabolic burden of the disease for many nutrients through diet too little nutrients.

The daily consumption of lactic acid products alone can deliver the long term, because the intestine thus regularly important nutrients are supplied, as explained nutrition therapist.

Due to the stress and weakening of the kidney metabolism in diabetic it also often leads to an acidification of the blood because the kidneys are unable to excrete all resulting acid metabolites.

Again seems lactic acid products in conjunction with a consistent diabetic diet to have a supporting function, since it regulates the acid-base equilibrium.






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This report has 2 pages. The accuracy of measurement is into the tolerance of methods.  The analytical results refer to the samples mentioned only. This report shall not be published in parts without written permission of UBF GmbH.