SOJALL  Royal®

Soy, Brown Millet, Pollen and brewer’s yeast
Organic - Germinated – Fermented

SOJALL RoyalProduct Information:
SOJALL Royal  is a valuable organic food in premium quality containing Soy, Brown Millet, Pollen and brewer’s yeast.
SOJALL Royal is germinated and fermented by the natural SOJALL KEIMO FOOD- resp. SOJALL FERMENTA FOOD Process. (Lactic acid fermentation).
By this enzyme-friendly treatment – no heating – both the quality of the ingredients can be protected and the durability will be stabilized.
Sojall ROYAL is equally suitable for children and elderly or athletes - for daily consumption in all situations.

Salivate 1-2 teaspoons of Sojall Brown Millet every day or consume it with yoghurt, sour milk, Sojall Bio Muesli, Tea, vegetable juice, Sojall Trinko (fruity biological ferment drink with Aronia-, Pomegranate-, Elderberry- und Grape juice as well as Topinampur) and water.
Do not heat!
It is recommended to consume 2g (1 measuring spoon) of Sojall Makal with Sojall Brown Millet.

Soy*, germinated and fermented , Brown Millet,* germinated and fermen- ted , Pollen* (tea blossoms) , brewer’s yeast (from barley malt) fermented .

* From controlled organic farming. It may contain traces of gluten.

content: 150g / 500