SOJALL  Darmil®

Sunchole, Tiger nut,
Brown Millet and Linseed
Organic – germinated – fermented


SOJALL DarmilProduct Information:
Sojall Darmil is a valuable organic food in premium quality containing Sunchole, Tiger nut, Brown Millet and Linseed.

Sojall Darmil is germinated and fermented by the natural SOJALL KEIMO FOOD- respectively SOJALL FERMENTA FOOD Process.  (Lactic acid fermentation).

By this enzyme-friendly treatment – no heating – both the quality of the ingredients can be protected and the durability will be stabilized.

Only a small amount of consumption is necessary.

Sojall Darmil is equally suitable for children and elderly or athletes - for daily consumption in all situations.

Take 1 – 3 tablespoons a day with a ¼ l of liquid (water, juice, tea, etc.) or with yoghurt, sour milk and Sojall Trinko (fermented fruit organic drink with Aronia-, Pomegranate-, Elderberry-, whine-grape-juice and Sunchole). Do not heat!

It is recommendable to combine the use of Sojall Darmil with the dietary supplement Sojall Makal (Dolomit).

Sojall Darmil can be combined with all organic Sojall foods : Royal, Bio Muesli, Vita Power, Figan, Hirso, Sport Nature, Brown Millet, Vegi Mix.

Sunchole*, Tiger nut* , Brown Millet* germinated and fermented , Linseed* germinated .

* From controlled organic agriculture. May contain traces of gluten.

content: 150g / 500 g