SOJALL "KEIMO- FERMENTA FOOD for healthy living"


stands for valuable SOJALL-foods, which are processed through the KEIMO- FERMENTA-FOOD fermentation mainly from whole cereal (without pesticides). Because of the biological fermentation, these foods contain lactic acid, vital substances and mineral nutrients as well as protein, carbohydrates and vegetable fat in an easily digestible and absorbable form. Foods, which contain lactic acid and are taken in smallest (isopatic) amounts, can have a very positive influence on the whole metabolism and the cancer therapy according to extensive experiences of Dr Johannes Kuhl (author of „Schach dem Krebs“ – “keeping cancer in check”) and other cancer-researchers and holistic practitioners.

Hippocrates said „Your food should be your medicine“. In the 21st century the „fermenta food for long living“ concept with its SOJALL-foods combined with traditional and high-end medicine could point the way to a valuable dualistic therapy concept.
According to scientific results and experiences of many committed holistic practitioners and therapists, in many cases not only the therapy progression but also the painful side effects and the costs were minimized in the last years.

In the case of those SOJALL-foods, which are processed through the KEIMO-FERMENTA-FOOD fermentation, it is similar with medicaments or remedies – they should only be taken in isopatic form (smallest amounts). The essential advantage is that the KEIMO-FERMENTA-FOOD products are a nutritional contribution as a preventive and therapeutic measure for the maintenance of health (immune system) unlike medicaments or different remedies and synthetic, concentrated food supplements. It is worth mentioning the ingredients (cereal, pulses, plants, fruits and so forth), which have biological quality. It is very understandable for everyone, that it does not only keep the disturbed intestinal flora in balance, but also strengthens the immune system – one of the main factors of health.
Conclusion: SOJALL-products, which are processed through the KEIMO-FERMENTA-FOOD fermentation, are no food supplements, diet products, remedies or medicaments. They are exclusively „foods“, which are taken in small amounts. Unlike diets or synthetic food supplements the SOJALL-products can be taken as a natural nutritional support during pregnancy or various metabolic disorders (arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, rheumatism, gout, bronchitis, diseases of liver, kidney, gall, gastro-internal diseases) in line with the „fermenta food for long living“ concept.

With the SOJALL „fermenta food for healthy living“ philosophy, the high-end medicine and homoeopathic on the one hand and the KEIMO-FERMENTA-FOOD products SOJALL-Darmil, SOJALL-Figan, SOJALL-Vita Power, SOJALL-Royal, SOJALL-Hirso and SOJALL-TRINKO on the other hand open new perspectives for holistic practitioners, clinical doctors and chemists for the benefit of patients, because its effects are based on the metabolism.
Source of supply: doctors, chemists, registered naturopaths as well as clinics and rehabilitation centres
Dr. med. Dorothea Trendtel             
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