With the enzyme-preserving procedure, SOJALL KEIMO FOOD®- and FERMENTA FOOD, the quality of the valuable ingredients can be protected as well as improving organic absorption.
The combination of SOJALLl Makal® (Dolomite powder with Magnesium and Zink) contributes to normal:

  • Bones, skin, hair, teeth
  • Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Energy metabolism
  • Acid and base metabolism
  • Metabolism of macronutrients
  • Immune systems, protein synthesis
  • Cellular protection from oxidative stress
  • Cell division function, eyesight
  • Fertility and reproduction
  • Blood coagulation, nerve cells


Helmut RamplerFor more then 30 years the Austrian Nutritionist Helmut Rampler has devoted himself to the development of products for the benefit of human and animal health. Within the framework of his research at
SOJALL – Pro Natura GmbH (Oberndorf – Austria) products are developed in the field human and animal healthcare as well as in the field of environmental protection.
A major achievement has been the development of the SOJALL- KEIMO FOOD® , SOJALL®- FERMENTA FOOD process, whereby a proprietary technique was engineered to ferment and process nutritional plants and herbs into a stable powder (or liquid) without the loss of any active nutrient compound and without loosing any metabolic activity of these vital ingredients.







Sojall Fermenta Food products follow the spirit of Hippocrates;
“your food is your medicine and medicine is your food”.

The way we presently consume our food is not the most efficient way; the cooking process destroys a lot of the beneficial compounds in our food (enzymes are denaturised, vitamins become less effective, mineral salts return to their inorganic form reducing their assimilation etc.). The food itself and or its origin is not always the way it should be; addition of preservatives, presence of chemical residues, addition of taste enhancers, etc.
A strong immune system helps us to live a healthy life and to fight off possible diseases. Even when we need medicines to cure a disease or surgery, our recovery depends on our immune system.
Healthy food is an essential and valuable support to build a strong immune system.
Helmut Rampler has developed a series of Sojall® Fermenta Food products in isopatic form (only small amounts are needed) to enhance and support our immune system. They do not replace our daily food but are an additional component to it to maximise our daily intake of healthy nutrients.

KEIMO-FERMTNATA FOOD – its principle

The KEIMO- FERMENTA FOOD procedure is a natural microbiological process whereby lactic acid bacteria unlock nutritional compounds from a variety of plants and herbs. The food becomes pre digested and therefore the specific nutritional compounds in the respective plants and herbs will be more readily absorbed in our body.
A part from the specific nutritional compounds in each type of plant or herb, lactic acid is produced. The latter plays an important role in regulating the pH factor in the digestive system. It stimulates the digestive glands, so that the fragmentation of protein, fat and carbohydrates is improved.
Additionally lactic acid enhances the absorption of minerals and trace elements (iron, magnesium, calcium, silicon, etc.).

The medical field has since many years recognised the benefit of Lactic acid (cancer treatment and prevention, osteoporosis, arthritis, fat metabolism, diabetes II, cholesterol, high blood pressure, indigestion, heart circulation illnesses, immune system, rheumatism, etc.) derived from plants and herbs.

KEIMO-FERMENTA FOOD uses a variety of plants and herbs, eachfor specific application pending on the health features ofthe plant or herb. All are grown and harvested in abiological way (chemical and pesticide free). Thesubsequent proprietary fermentation and conservationprocess assures an efficient pre digestion of the specificand vital compounds so they become stable and remainmetabolically active (in an easy consumable form).